The first recorded use of the word 'Purple' in English was in the year A.D. 975 Word ‘Purple’ stands for third eye, sixth sense, Passion, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge, Dignity, aspirations, royalty, nobility, enlightenment, Self-confidence, sophistication, invisible, telepathy, magic, High Energy, spiritual connection, deeper truth, creativity, ambition, etc

*Source: Internet, Dictionary

Letter ‘ i ’ is for innovative, independent, imaginative beyond expectation

Color ‘Purple’ is selected to showcase our strength of being energetic, self confident, developing new & trendy Ideas, conceptualizing and executing campaigns and critical projects of high importance with passion and clear understanding of the objective of the clients and customers being targeted.

‘Purple i’: "Combining the stable and calming aspects of industry requirement with the mystical and spiritual qualities of purple,
Purple i Group satisfies the need for reassurance & timely execution of the campaign in any complex situation, while adding a flavor of
and excitement to the task assigned or project undertaken."

who we are

Purple i is rooted deeply in Gujarat for almost 15+ years and being its Head Quarter in Ahmedabad has its PAN India associate network in 18 States covering 600+ cities.

Purple i is India’s fastest growing organization consisting of its segmented companies viz Purple i Events Hub (ATL & BTL); Purple i Media Hub (Advertising & PR); Purple i Design Hub (Designing Studio) along with its diversified portfolio of Adventure Quest Explorer (Explore the Unexplored – Camps) & Diya Life Foundation (CSR unit)